The Assassin

The Assassin

Paramount rejected this script [I received it on 18th of August
with rejection slip] and because they did that, the ideas
and content are mine. The main characters are theirs, etc.
but the ideas and the rest of it is the property of
the authors.

[Anyone viewing a similar episode at a later date is
entitled to kick up as much of a stink as they want to,
not that it'll work...]

ObWarning: This script contains scenes and language
that may offend sensitive viewers. Those who are
upset by black humour, murders, assassins, drunken
miners or professional courtesans may now skip the
remainder of this thread.

All comments and criticism welcome, as it's a
complete mystery as to why P'mount didn't want this
stuff. They *said* the "Dialogue was too wide".
Best guesses include (a) There was too much going on,
(b) I said something rude in American [hey, am Aussie,
there *is* language variance] (c) The content
frightened them (d) It was too damn good and their
permanent writers threatened to walk (e) other [please
fill in] or (f) any of the above.

Having said that; a bonus No-prize goes to the first
individual who can name *all* the side-references I
managed to squeeze in. :)

[In case anyone's wondering, Judith is my mother, and partner in crime]

This script has been submitted to the ConQuest fanzine/
writers' competition; all entries to said copetition
are published, and therefore this material is copyright
under Australian law.

Permission has been given by the authors to copy/distribute
this material through the usual fan networks, just keep
the credit where credit is due. [ie. leave our names on it]

On with the show...------------

"The Assassin"
by Catherine and Judith Weller.

Pronunciation Guide

Daemon Trogg DAY-mon TROG
Ghishem GHEE-shum
Hissahn HISS-are-n
Bolkor boll-CORE
Bess Harr BESS har
Curtis Bates kihr-TISS BAY-ts
Freidrich DeLaVert FREE-drik DEH-la-VER
Hurcule Dent HER-kyul DENT
Tor Dixon TOR DIX-on
Muldoon MULL-doon
Templar TEMP-la
Massar muh-S-ARE
Keston Yir KESS-ton YEAR
Proussa PRUE-sah
Reha Set REE-ha SET
Riwa REE-wuh
Romath rome-ARE-th
Aka'Chee ARE-ka CHEE
Dewarg Nes DEH-w-are-g NESS
Taaklez Roj T-ARE-klez ROJ
Wimek Enress WE-mek EN-ress
Sundervisc SOON-da-VIS-K
Gi'Tang ghee TANG
Tort Lamia TORT LAME-ee-uh
Tirrel TIR-el
Hatok Ki H-ARE-tok KEY
Tilmon TILL-mon
Stad'Orf STAD or-f
Cabarem CAH-bar-EM
Quetzal KWET-s-are-l

"The Assassin" Script
21/5/95 -

"The Assassin"


[Opening shot of DS9, Cardassian, Bajoran and
miscellaneous ships are docked with it]

(VO) Station Log, stardate XXXXX.X. The Federation
has been called upon to *negotiate* on behalf of
Bajor, on a number of disputed mining claims issued
during the Cardassian Occupation. There seems to be
considerable disagreement as to *who* actually holds
the leases; and as some of the parties involved are
not welcome on Bajor, DS-Nine has been chosen as the
nearest neutral conference site.

[Cut to main interior of Docking Ring; Sisko is in
dress Uniform. There is a great number of loudly
arguing sentients there, who are obviously members
of the various delegations. Various arguments can be
overheard as background to action]

(to Sisko) Did *all* the mining companies have to
give leave to their employees *simultaneously*?

Unfortunately, Constable; it's part of the

Then don't expect *me* to round up all the drunks -
I have better things to do with my time. [Pushes way
through crowd] Move along!

[Alternate line: Then don't expect *me* to round up
all the drunks. My security teams are spread thin
enough just keeping the *delegates* out of trouble.
[Pushes through crowd] Move along!]

[Camera follows Odo through following]

[To Odo] One of the Bess Harr Mining Company
executives has gone missing.


Our sensors aren't used to this sort of a crowd, so
it'll be a while before we can narrow down his life

"The Assassin" Script

[Looking as if he has a brand new ulcer] Wonderful.
[Attention changes to crowd, and he grabs a
Cardassian arm] You're out of your designated area!

[looking innocent] I am? [Scans area for effect] I
really can't tell.

[Briefly programs a spare datapadd]
(Condescendingly) This is a map. It clearly shows
you your designated area.(Growls) Use it. [Thrusts
padd into Cardassian's hands]

Ah...*That's* where I'm meant to be... [To Bajoran]
You, Bajoran! Fetch my luggage.

I'm no servant! Fetch it yourself!

The trouble with you Bajorans is that you don't know
how to act towards your *betters*...

[Agitated] I'm not moving anything for any
*Cardassian*! Your luggage can rot for all I care!

I'm reporting this to the highest authority.

Well *I'm* reporting to Major *Kira*! And **no**
*Cardassian* luggage is going to move until you
apologise! [Storms off]

[Luggage handlers move away from piles of cases]

[Continues along docking ring, giving orders to
security men] I want those maps distributed to all
the parties as soon as possible. My only hope is to
keep them off each others' throats until the
Federation security teams arrive.

They're going to be delayed, sir; or not arrive at

Are they going to send *anything*? [to crowd member]
Your area is *that* way. [to Primmin] Primmin! Make
sure they get there.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -

They're sending whatever they can. Since Starfleet
security is tied up in the neutral zone, I can only
guess what *that* will be.

(from out of shot) Constable! Constable! Excuse me,

[Looks as if he's been avoiding the Ferengi]
(Coldly) Yes.

[Comes into shot] I've been looking for you. You
see, I need to get my luggage from my hold. I need
my records for this venture, and all my chips are in-

[interrupting and bored] Yes, yes. I told you
before; no *dealings* during negotiations. I'll
let you take out your records, *under* supervision,
once they have undergone a thorough scan. [to random
security man] Meyer! Escort Daemon Trogg to the
clearance area - and keep him there. [Ferengi is
forced away. To Security#1] Keep the cargo holds
locked with scramblers. Any access has to go through
me. [forces himself between arguing pair]
*Sentients*; you can reserve this sort of thing for
the negotiation table. Now go to your designated

[Comm bleep]

(Comm Voice) Kira to Odo.

Go ahead.

(Comm Voice) You'd better come here to docking port
nine. There's someone here you'd better know about.

[Consulting padd] According to my manifests, that's
a private Ghishemite ship. Nothing at all related to
the talks.

(Comm Voice) The owner of that vessel is a
professional assassin.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -

On my way.


DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 5.

ACT 1.

[Ext, Airlock in docking ring, hubbub of crowd is
subdued. Kira is pointing a phaser at ANTON, who is
obviously the assassin. Anton is an old human,
leaning slightly on a dark cane; and is dressed
mainly in black, except for his red-lined cloak. He
smiles benevolently as Odo approaches]

[to Kira] You can put that away, now, my dear Major.
You won't be needing it. [Kira ignores him]

[to Anton] I take it - *you're* the assassin.

I do prefer to make my presence known to local
security. It makes them feel a little better. My
card. [Hands Odo a white card with a flourish]

[reading card] Anton of Ghishem, Head of the
Assassins' Guild. [Scowls at remainder of card's

It's all perfectly legal on Ghishem.

[obviously annoyed] Just about everything is *legal*
on Ghishem.

True. [Should give impression that what he says here
is personally enforced] Except that *nobody* harms
*children* there.

And your business on the station?

I don't have business here, as such. I'm merely
waiting for my client. My only purpose here, is to
let Bajor know our services are ever available.

We don't *need* your services. We're doing well
enough on our own.

[Pats Kira's phaser hand] I'm sure you are, my dear

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 6.

You're going to have to *leave* any weapons you
may have aboard your ship.

[with pride] My dear fellow, I *am* a weapon.

That includes your sword-cane.

[At this point, Kira grabs a passing security man
and murmurs an order to him; he moves off swiftly]

[scowls slightly] The shopkeeper *assured* me it
wouldn't be detected. I shall have to have a little
*chat* with him. (pause) You have my word as a
professional that I won't use it on your station.

(Cynically) That won't do. I've known too many

Rank amateurs. I have pride in my - work.

[Odo snorts as security man returns with an ordinary

[to Kira] Here sir, this one's harmless.

[Takes cane from Security#2, putting down his own]
Harmless, you say. [swings cane about and puts a big
dent on a wall or upright support.] Thank you all
the same, [hands cane back to stunned Security#2]
but I prefer my own.

[attaching some kind of small device to Anton's
cane] This will at least prevent you from using the
blade. (beat) You will be under guard at all times.
[to Security#1] Show him the way to - secure

[Security#1 guides Anton off camera. Anton goes
willingly, and seems quite happy about it all]

Keeping him out of the way? [Puts phaser back in

[Odo only nods before heading off to settle an
argument between a non-military Cardassian and some
Bajoran dock-workers]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 7.

All right! Break it up. What seems to be the

This *Cardassian* still thinks it's the
*Occupation*. He forgets that Bajor is *free*.

This *Bajoran* refuses to do a simple task - like
moving my luggage.

I will *not* be ordered around like a slave by any
*Cardassian*! And neither will *they*. [Indicates

[Workers cheer]

[Off Odo's reaction]

[CUT to a different area of INT, docking ring. Sisko
is holding a datapadd and making rapid notes on it
according to the objections of some of the delegates
surrounding him. A Cardassian (Hissahn) is making
most of the objections. Several delegations are no
longer talking to Sisko, but are arguing among
themselves, the volume increases until Sisko shouts]

I don't want any of those *Bajoran* religious
lunatics *near* me.

Perhaps you shouldn't have made so many enemies out
of them.

[moves away from Bajoran#1] Or any *Bajorans*,

(Menacing) I wouldn't want *him* near me, either.
"Gul" Hissahn's enemies tend to have short

[making a nasty smile] Are you identifying yourself
as my enemy?

It's a trait I share with half the quadrant.

(Shouts) That's *enough*! Unless you all want to be
restrained for these talks, I suggest we settle this

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 8.

Bolkor Mining Delegate(BMD):
I don't want to be anywhere *near* those

[Background murmuring starts again. Volume steadily

Bess Harr Mining Delegate(BHMD):
Don't put me opposite the Ferengi, or next to *him*.
[Indicates BMD]

*I* don't go in for *petty* revenge, just because
*you* sabotaged my equipment.

I wouldn't go *near* your faulty equipment!

How would *you* know it's faulty? *Unless* you
sabotaged it!

I wouldn't need to! It's doing a good job of
sabotaging *itself*!

[Shouts, but his voice is almost lost in the babble]

[CUT to Ops. Turbolift rises, containing Sisko.]

[Turns to see him] (Smiles) Benjamin; how did the
talks go? [Sees the look on his face and stops
smiling] Oh.

[Looks ragged] I *need* coffee.

(apologetically) The replicators are down, Ben. So I
have some brewing in your office. [Follows Sisko
into his office and gets a mug of coffee for
herself; Sisko already has his] Chief O'Brien's
trying to sort out the energy demands without
burning out the reactors [Lights dim] that's why
we're having a few problems.

(Sarcastic) This is going to be - fun... (sighs) Odo
was right, by agreeing to do this we invited a
nightmare. [pauses as lights flicker back to normal]
At least I had the good sense to listen to him and
get all the children and most of the civilians down
to Bajor.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 9.

I take it the delegates *aren't* being diplomatic
about anything.

*That* is an understatement, old man. The delegates
are acting like five-year-olds on a long field trip.
If it isn't the rooms, it's the seating arrangements
in the talks. If it isn't the seating, it's the
refreshments. If it isn't the refreshments, it's the
luggage dispute. [Swigs coffee] I'm half-tempted to
let them fight among themselves and give the rights
to the last one standing.

(Leaving) Might be a good bet, considering.

[As she leaves, Odo enters the office. Odo carries a
datapadd, which he briefly consults on the way in]

Yes, Constable?

You've probably heard about the assassin.

[Rubs at a headache] Yes. So did half the delegates.
They're using it as an excuse to demand a guard; so
far I've been able to dissuade them.

Thank you. The assassin is being kept out of the
way. Fortunately, he prefers it like that. I also
managed to solve the problem with the baggage

[Suddenly looks brighter] You did? How?

[Lights dim]

I simply gave them authority to do a complete search
of any baggage. They'll be giving both of us a
complete report.

(Grimacing) I - see.

The good news is that the backlog is being processed
at more than full efficiency.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 10.

[You can see a Cardassian approaching Sisko's

(Almost inaudibly) Comes the bad news.


[Cardassian barges into Sisko's office]

Commander, I protest at this outrageous treatment!
How *dare* you let those *filthy* Bajorans rifle
through our private property!

[Odo nods at Sisko and leaves, you can see Kira
trying not to laugh in the background]

(Continuing) Those unwashed dock-workers have been
all *through* my wife's underwear!

[CUT to opening Promenade, it is the next morning.
Lights turn up, shops open, etc. Outside the temple,
a Bajoran (REHA SET) sweeps the temple front, it
should be obvious that he is engaging in some kind
of ritual. PAN across Promenade, from Reha Set to
sleeping Miner who is tethered to a shop front, as
Odo's log plays. Odo exits his office to cross the
Promenade towards Quarks]

(VO) Security log, stardate XXXXX.X. The delegates
are continuing their protests - as usual.
Unfortunately, until I get the Starfleet security
teams, I also can't guard these people effectively.
The assassin remains under guard at all times;
although this reassures *some* of the parties
involved, others refuse to leave their quarters.

[Int, Quarks, a table is busily being set up by
Quark and Rom, in the main area, the crowd maintains
a distance from Anton, who waits in the area.
Ferengi scuttle to and from the table during the

[Enters Quark's as if following Anton, scans crowd]
(Warning) Primmin!

[Appears out of crowd] How did you know it was me,

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 11.

(Caustic) You're always allegedly 'on duty' when
something isn't being done. [Glares at him, then
indicates Anton] What's *he* doing *here*?

[trying to check temper] Your orders were to watch
him. (beat) I'm watching him. He wanted to sample
the local food - who am I to argue?


[Primmin fades back into crowd as Sisko enters
Quark's. Anton samples some pastries offered by

[background] Perhaps you'd care to sample some of
our pastries. If they're not to your liking we could
easily get you something else...

[background] These will do nicely - so delicate.

What's going on, Constable?

[Glaring at both Anton and Ferengi] A circus.

[Sisko watches as Rom enters carrying a tray with an
opaque mug and some glasses. He heads towards Anton,
Quark intercepts]

[To Rom] Not the house special, you idiot! Do you
want us all *killed*?

But... I...

Put that away before he sees it. Now! And get some

[Rom doesn't understand]

Quark: (cont)
The *good* stuff.

[Rom still doesn't understand]

Quark: (cont)
>From the back of the storeroom.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 12.

*OH*... *That* tea. [Goes behind bar, puts down jug
and glasses. To Sisko] You're going to have to wait.

[Background, Morn takes jug and decants some liquid
into his mug, places jug back]

[Excessively obsequious. To Anton] Perhaps you'd
care to look over the menu while my brother fetches
*appropriate* refreshments.

[Murmurs to Odo] I didn't know Quark's *had* a menu.

Let alone a *clean* one.

[Quark readies a fancy chair for Anton, but Anton's
attention is focussed towards the door as Dax
enters. Quark cowers]

(welcoming) Dax, my *dear*! Has it been a century?
You look *marvellous*. [Kisses her hand]

[Smiles, obviously knows Anton from a previous
lifetime] A little more than a century, I think.

[Sisko gapes. Quark rushes off, retrieving another
chair for Dax and quickly dusting it. Both Anton and
Dax sit. Quark hastily sets a place for Dax]

[To Quark] Make that two. [To Dax] You don't mind me
ordering for you?

Not at all. You always did have excellent taste.

[Rom brings the tea service]

[pours tea as he talks] As I recall, you were
expecting the last time I saw you. [Offers some of
the pastries, which Dax calmly takes] I never did
have the chance to find out what it was... [Waves
hand] Business.

[The distance kept around Anton suddenly widens as
the crowd moves slightly away. Comm bleep]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 1 13.

(Comm Voice) O'Brien to Odo.

Go ahead.

(Comm Voice) [Sounds troubled] I'm in the lower
core, level X. I found the cause of the brownouts
(pause) and - your missing executive.

[Scowling] On my way.

[Fade out]
End of ACT 1.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 14.

ACT 2.

[Scene is INT, lower core, somewhere close to the
central shaft. There is a hole, or implied hole, in
the 'centre' which is protected by a rail. There are
other pieces of equipment in the background, and
some grids are propped up out of the way, with some
loops of cables. Cables hang from the roof above the
rail, they may or may not spark. Smoke is in the
air; coughing sounds are optional. Bent and damaged
pieces of tubing are in the background. O'Brien has
been working, has his sleeves rolled up. Bashir and
Odo are there, too. Bashir runs tricorder over
covered body in foreground. Workers in background
continue to tidy up bits of tubing, cables, and
wreckage from some form of accident]

If the screens weren't out for maintenance, we
wouldn't have found him for weeks. As it is, it's
gonna be tricky repairing all the damage he caused.
(pause) Gonna have to order in some bloody parts...

Rather a lot of amateur criminals throw
incriminating evidence down the core shaft. I've
never had a body - until now.

[Bashir lifts up sheet in such a way that the camera
cannot see the body. Uses forceps/tongs to lift
something. It is a piece of rope, blackened and
charred at one end]

[Examining rope and feeling clever] Everything I was
reading pointed to death by asphyxiation (beat)
strangulation to be precise. All we have to do
[presenting rope] is to find out who is missing one
of these and we have our murderer.

[Odo is glaring at him]


(cutting) Are you aware just how many lengths of
tensile rope there *are* on this station? We have
three full compliments of miners aboard; each of
them has at least two ropes in their possession.
[Bashir looks abashed] (beat) I'm *sure* the
murderer will come forward if we ask them *nicely*.
(pause) When can I expect an autopsy report?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 15.

I'll... get onto it as soon as the body cools

[Odo nods as if to say 'good boy', he heads towards
core rail, looks down "shaft", then up, during

[Approaches Bashir] Nice idea, lousy logistics.

[Comm bleep]

(Comm Voice) Ops to Odo and O'Brien. The security
and engineering teams are docking - the freighter
captain said something about "killing two birds with
one stone"...

[Odo returns to O'Brien]

Acknowledged. We're on our way.

I might as well see what they've sent us...

[Cut to Ext, Airlock, six CADETS are standing in
file and stiffly to attention. Some have yet to grow
into their uniforms]

[To O'Brien] (Appalled) *Children*... StarFleet's
sent us children...

[Camera identifies ensigns as FREIGHTER CAPTAIN
reads their names]

Freighter Captain:
[Reading PADD] Six reassigned engineering cadets.
Bates, Curtis; DeLaVert, Freidrich; Dent, Hurcule;
Dixon, Tor; Muldoon, William; and Templar -

[interrupting] Just Templar will do - sir.

Freighter Captain:
[Looking at PADD] Yeah, I can see why... [To Odo]
You'll have to sign for them.

[Odo takes PADD and stylus, begins writing]

Freighter Captain: (cont)
In standard, please.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 16.

[Odo grumbles and starts again. Finished signing,
hands PADD to Freighter Captain, who heads back to
ship. Cadets all look back towards airlock, uneasy,
as Freighter Captain leaves]

[To O'Brien] Take any that you can use, I'll get
their maps. [Heads off]

[Trying to be friendly] Any of you know about
Cardassian engineering?

[As group, almost a murmur] No sir.

What about conduit repair?

We were going to do conduits next year...

(sighs) Then what *did* you do?

Just the basic stuff; First-year repair and
maintenance, then we were put on the advanced group
to do some field work. We also do electrical repair
and communications, Sir!

[downcast] Then I can't use any of you... At least,
not until the parts arrive - after the negotiations'
settled. You'll all be temporarily assigned to
security, for now, and given field rank of Ensign.

[Odo arrives with six PADDs]

O'Brien: (cont)
Security Chief Odo is in charge of you lot until
otherwise notified.

[As group] Yes, Sir!

[Odo steps forward, hands each of them a PADD]

[Whispers, to Dixon] Is it my imagination, or didn't
we do anything related to security?

[Odo overhears all, but doesn't comment]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 17.

[Whispers back] There was that lecture on securing a

[Still whispering] Yes?

[Same] And the standard defence course.

[Same] That's what I was afraid of...

[Whispering, to Templar] We're in trouble.

[Whispers back] How's that?

[Still whispering] He's one of the species we
haven't studied yet.

[Same] So?

[Same] We don't know how to get along with him!

[Same] We'll find out.

[Aloud] I like your attitude, Ensign.

[Whispers, to DeLaVert] Good hearing...

[To all of them] You all have maps of the station,
so you won't get lost. Everything is clearly marked;
they're tied to the station computer, so they can
also show you where you're supposed to be for your
rostered duties. [Makes brief, rapid notes on his
own PADD] I'll be putting you all on hall patrols -
it'll give my people some slack to work with. Chief
O'Brien here will show you to your quarters. I want
to see you in my office on the Promenade in an hour.

[Cadets all look at their PADDs, as one]

[Hesitant] The Promenade's the middle bit - right?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 18.

[Sighs, grating] Yes, Ensign. It's the middle bit.

[Off Odo's reaction]

[Negotiations table; Only some of the delegates seen
before are present here, among them are Hissahn and
Daemon Trogg, although Trogg is nowhere close to the

[To a number of irritated delegates] I do have all
records of my transactions. (beat) Unfortunately,
there's been a mix up... All my records are on
unlabelled recording chips, as are my inventories,
music, some - ah - *private* merchandise and my own
collection. [Sickly grin]

Random Delegate:
You had better find your records in a hurry,
*Ferengi*; or I might be tempted to look myself.

[Up-ends small bag of chips onto table, scattering
them everywhere] You're welcome to try...

[BMD picks up a nearby chip and slots it into a
player. A hologram appears of a fat belly-dancer;
raucous music plays. Sisko raises eyebrows. Trogg
pounces on player, collecting the chip and hiding it
on his person]

[Shocked] That's part of my private collection
[returns to seat] How did *that* get in there?

Unfortunately, until the records of the *true* owner
of that land are uncovered, the rights revert to the
last known owner. [glares at Trogg]

I'm perfectly willing to sell to the highest
bidder... [Nearest delegate picks him up by the
throat] We can negotiate!

All right! Break it up! [Separates Trogg from
delegate] Everyone is to return to their designated
areas. These talks will resume tomorrow - *if* any
of you know how to behave by then.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 19.

[Delegates swarm around him, demanding seating
changes, escort to their areas, voicing complaints,
etc. Except for Hissahn, who fades into the
background with Trogg]

[Takes out a strip of Latinum and a code-key, hands
both to Trogg covertly] There are eighty more of
those waiting for you in a stasis box on this
station. You never saw me before these talks; you
never knew me. You don't know me.

[Hiding Latinum and key. Theatrically] What was your
name again, sir? Perhaps I can offer you a choice
selection of mining opportunities...

[Brushes him off, approaching Sisko] Commander.
About the escort back to my ship...

[Has now got rid of the last of the delegates] I've
called my security chief to escort you. [Odo appears
by the door]

[Disgusted] What is *that* doing here?

[Stony, annoyed] I work here.

[To Sisko] I didn't know you had entertainment.

[As Odo is bristling] Odo is our security chief.

It's marvellous what the Federation and Bajor will
allow to wear a uniform...

[Coldly] Actually, I was originally hired by the

Really? [To Sisko] Must be one of Gul Dukat's little
jokes... He always did have an - interesting sense
of humour.

I don't have time for this.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 20.

A little late for your nap, perhaps?

[Threatening] This way.

[Takes his time] Retreating into formality?

Be thankful for it.

[Ext, Airlock. Five military Cardassians are exiting
it, Major Kira is there to 'greet' them; Bashir is
there too, and tries to stop Kira from saying or
doing anything wrong - he is ignored. It is obvious
she's been ordered there, and doesn't like it. An
older Cardassian (Massar) sees her bristling and
almost smiles]

[Calmly. Walks out of the group, but only a step or
two. Is polite and nice to Kira] We're not at war
anymore. I'm just here to find out for Cardassia
what happened to army equipment in the area
currently under contention. (pause) Seems some of it
has resurfaced in the employ of the Bess Harr and
Bolkor Mining Corporations...

[Irritated] The Bajoran resistance had nothing to do
with any stolen equipment!

[Still calm, still nice] I never said it did.
(Smiles) But may the Gods help any profiteers I
uncover - because neither Cardassia, or myself

[Kira is about to say something, but is interrupted
by Massar and what he sees over Kira's shoulder. His
manner changes from polite to restrained hostility]

Massar: (cont)
If it isn't Hissahn; whose departure from the
military was probably well timed...

[Hissahn shows his teeth, but doesn't smile. Odo
follows him]

(Sarcastic) If it isn't [Pause as he checks Massar's
insignia] *Gul* Massar. One of our *ethical*
heroes... Are you still fighting for the rights of
the - *lesser* ranks?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 21.

[Odo pokes Hissahn at a nerve cluster. Hissahn
reacts, but still glares at Massar]

Move along!

[Taking opportunity] You'd better run along,
Hissahn. I now have the *power* to check *all* of
your history. You see, we never *did* find any
wreckage in that "landslide" of yours.

[Hissahn growls as Odo pushes him along. Massar
watches them go]

(Sighs) I'm afraid Cardassia sent the wrong man...

Cardassia sent too *many*.

[Other Cardassians stand more stiffly to attention]

[Laughs briefly, visually checks her collar] We're
both people of war, Major. We're both more used to
fighting than diplomacy.

I'd think you're more used to *killing* unarmed

[Panicking] Major! *Please*!

[Gently, as if explaining to a very intelligent
child] Major, I did only what I could for my home,
just like you did. Most often, like you; I fought to
survive. If a group of Bajorans carrying weapons
charged at me, I didn't have *time* to ask if the
weapons were in working condition. (beat) But I
swear to you; I never shot at a Bajoran that was
running away.

Do you have footage of that? Or do I have to take
your *personal* **word** on it?

[Cool] I admire your spite. And while I am here, I
will give you the honour of seeing me watch my back
whenever you're around.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 2 22.

[He tips his head at her, motions to his men, who
surround him like a guard, then EXITS - watching his
back at all times. Background, non-military
Cardassian (Keston Yir) exits ship, carrying small
case, heads for Bajoran security group]

[To himself, because he knows no-one will listen]
*That* was almost a disaster...

[Looking in the direction Massar left] You know - I
could almost like him.

[Off Bashir's reaction]

[Fade Out]

End of ACT 2

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 23.


[POV moving shot. Interior of long-unused tunnel.
There is dust on the floor; camera shows gloved
hands are moving along to indicate that mystery
person is crawling along tunnel-way. SFX: Shuffling
of someone crawling through tunnel and breathing.
NOTE: Breathing is not exerted. Person reaches
branch-way, climbs a ladder upwards. Person halts,
one hand disappears from view to return with
scanner. Camera focuses on the scanner with green
lights; and one hand flicks a catch that opens a
concealed door. Camera now shows the interior of
someone's quarters, dimly lit. A small, distinctive
trophy stands nearby, of Cardassian design. Arm
reaches out, takes it, replaces it with a copy, then
closes and locks concealed door. Person moves back
down ladder, along tunnel until person reaches a
grille. Camera shows a recycling bin underneath.
Person removes grille, drops trophy into bin,
replaces grille, moves on. CUT to different tunnel,
muted noises of Quark's place can be heard, SFX:
footfalls of one person go overhead. Scanner lights
show red, orange, then steady green. Hands remove
panel overhead, move up, camera shows some doors.]

(oc) Hey... Proussa! What can I get for half a strip
of latinum?

(oc) Not very much...[laughs]

[Person moves to a door, SFX: muted sounds of music
from Trogg's hologram. Person removes door plate,
inserts little wire devices (RELAY LOOPS) into
circuitry, see blinking sign; "STATUS: LOCKED",
which remains as door is opened. Can see Trogg,
captured by hologram, oblivious as a crossbow
raises, takes aim... and fires on music beat. Person
closes door, removes devices, replaces door plate.
Goes back into hole, drawing floor panel over head]

[Cut to Int, Quarks' Bar. Rom is talking to a MINER
who has tethered himself to the bar]

[Explaining] You can't tie yourself to the bar. My
brother won't allow it.

[Very drunk. Grasps tankard] But I'll float away...

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 24.

[Camera moves to Quark and a mercenary who is
arguing with him; Odo listens in. Bar is crowded
with MINERS, some may be singing in the background]

How long does he plan to stay there?

As long as he's paying by the hour... [Pours drink
for Mercenary] If I interrupt him, it gets taken off
the bill; so I'm not opening that door - for anyone.

That's if he *pays* his bill. [Takes drink] I'm
*still* waiting for payment on that last job... Our
"friend" Trogg is a master in crooked dealing.

[Remembering] Yes... When I was a free merchant, I
bought a shipload of "scrap metal" off him - that
turned out to be scrap metal...

Why so upset, Quark? You got what you payed for.

But it was supposed to be weap- [Stops himself in
time, approaches Odo] Don't you have anyone *else*
to annoy?

[Odo is about to answer, but station rocks in
massive explosion; lights go out, return during

[Touches comm badge] Odo to Ops! What the hell is
going on?

(Comm Voice) We're reading an explosion in the
habitat ring... That's Gul Massar's guest quarters!

[Odo EXITS Quark's]

[CUT to corridor, DeLaVert stands on guard outside a
door, *very* stiffly to attention, sees Odo coming
towards him]

[Nervous] I sealed it off, sir. There's no evidence
of a hull breach. (pause) I - uh - also sealed off
the halls; is that - correct, sir?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 25.

[Nods] Very commendable, ensign. [DeLaVert relaxes a
little] You'd best watch the halls. [Moves to open

[INT, Massar's guest quarters. Room is largely
unlit, so exact details are either out of focus, or
in shadow. As door opens, Odo's silhouette is
visible through both the door, and a hand just in
front of the camera. Note: There is no need for
anything to be *seen* on camera, just show
reactions, letting audiences imagination fill in
scene. Note#2: During the scene, camera focus does
not move below about waist level; carnage is implied

(cont) Stay out there, ensign.

[Odo moves into room, camera angle changes. Odo
picks way over _something_ on the floor, it covers
parts of a large area. Bashir arrives, and follows

[Stunned by what he sees] My God... [Pause as he
picks his way into room, looking around] Where's -
the rest of the body?

[Has stopped moving, is glaring around] Over half
the walls, (pause) and the floor. (pause) I'm not
too certain about the rest of the furniture...

(oc) Urk... [Is trying not to be sick]

[Gaze is drawn steadily upward] And... some of the

[SFX: DeLaVert *is* noisily sick off camera]

[Turns towards door] Would you like an anti-nausea
shot, ensign?

[Can be off-camera if desired. Queasy] Nossir... I
think it's too late, sir...

[Returns attention to Odo, and makes way over to
where Odo is standing. A large portion of the body
must be there] Do you think the device was *on* him?
[half nauseous] Or - *inside*?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 26.

[Looking down] Unlikely. [Indicates wall nearby]
*This* wall is clean. (pause) No, it was a distance
away from the body. [Gestures roughly at his chest;
turns to wall, pries fragment from it] I don't think
you'll find his left hand, [brings shrapnel round
for camera to see] it was a fragmentation device.

I thought they were illegal...

[Almost to himself] There's no such thing as illegal
on Ghishem... Ensign! I want that assassin *here*.

[SFX: Sound of DeLaVert moving off, rapidly]

[CUT, same scene; time has elapsed. Anton arrives at
the door. Bashir is coordinating clean-up in the
background. Odo is collecting evidence from the

[Surveys room] What an absolute *mess*. (pause) I
think I'd be more assistance staying out of your

[Struggling with an embedded scrap] I'll be blunt.
Did you have *anything* to do with this?

I should hope *not*.

[Odo spares a second to cast a Look at Bashir, who
shrugs apologetically]

(cont) This is far too much damage for a Guild job.

Assassins are *known* to use explosives. [frees
piece, places in plastic bag]

But *we* leave a recognisable body. [Float pallet
goes past with at least the legs visible as outline
under sheet] Or if the client wishes thoroughness of
*this* degree - witnesses.

[Irritated] I suppose that lets *you* off the hook.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 27.

[CUT to INT, Odo's office, he is interviewing for
information about Massar's murder. First is a
Bajoran (Reha Set) wears a small brush/whisk as

I was telling him about some of the things I saw
when Gul Hissahn was running my camp. I don't even
know if any of it was important. I'm - afraid I
don't have an alibi for the evening. I was alone,
writing letters home...

The logs back you up; and you don't have to worry
about being a suspect. The genetic scans we've been
able to do show you weren't anywhere near the desk.
(pause) You're sure you didn't notice anything that
might seem relevant?

[shrugs] I'm sorry. I was more concerned with
Massar's profiteer hunt. Frankly, the more time the
Cardassians spend fighting among themselves, the
more time Bajor has to pick itself up.

Thank you for your time.

[Reha Set exits. Odo makes notes on PADD. Next, the
four Cardassians who were with Massar. One is numb
with grief, and is shepherded by another into the
office. Is clear Massar was well respected, etc.]

[Handing across evidence packet] I have reason to
believe that the device was concealed as Gul
Massar's field award.

[With emotion] Bastards.

[Examining evidence] This isn't *our* award. It
split along the weld.


[Just stating fact, not bragging] We made this award
after we won over the Kita pirates - out of the
captains' chair. I *welded* it, myself. [Is turning
piece over and over] *My* welds *don't* split.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 28.

[Nods] I see.

[Dixon appears by door, leans in]

Uh... Sir?

Yes, ensign?

One of the - um - Bolkor delegates has - vanished,
sir... We can't find him...

[sighs, weary] Gather a search team. Frankly, I
don't care if you have to seal off every corridor on
this station to do it, but try to find him *alive*.
[Dixon heads off. To Cardassians] Thank you for your

[Cardassians file out as Odo checks PADD]

[To numb Cardassian] Come on, [shakes him 'awake']
time to go...

[Int, Quarks. Odo approaches bar. Keston Yir is in
background, buying vegetables from friendly Bajoran.
Odo enters bar]

Where is he?

He who?

Your "good friend" Daemon Trogg. I know he was in
here, and that no-one has seen him come out.

He's in one of my private rooms in the back.

[As Odo moves towards area; Quark tries to stop him]
Quark: (cont)
You can't go in there! He's got four hours left
before I can legally-

[interrupting] I'm conducting an investigation,
Quark; so you can either help or be charged for
obstructing an officer.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 29.

[Overtakes Odo, leads into back rooms] Let me open
the door for you. [At door, knocks] Daemon Trogg?
The security chief *insists* I open this door! This
is still part of the time you *paid* for, so don't
expect a refund... [fiddles with lock] We're coming
in now... [door opens, can see chair turned almost
away from door. Hologram is still playing. Quark
sidles into room] My apologies Daemon, I hope this
doesn't take too long.

[Trips on something, collides into chair, turning it
towards door. Trogg is dead, has bolt through
ear/head. Quark looks horrified towards Odo]

It appears that Trogg is incapable of suing - or

I didn't *do* it! [Cringes]

[Ext, Station, indicating time has elapsed, Cut to
INT, back rooms at Quarks Place. Bashir is on scene,
body is being wheeled off under sheet]

[Standing just past door] The killer must have been
standing about here when the bolt was fired. Oddly
enough, the logs show that the door was locked at
all times.

[Glaring at Quark] Logs can be interfered with;
especially by Ferengi who can break into secured

[cowers] I didn't. I was in the bar at all times.
The logs...

I'll have to do more tests, of course; but Daemon
Trogg can't be less than an hour dead.

[Brightens] HA! I have the perfect alibi! [Rushes to
Odo and clasps arm] *You* were watching me the whole
time... [Hugs Odo's arm]

[disgusted] Get *off* me...

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 30.

[Cut to Int, Odo's office. Proussa sits in one
chair, she is a rubenesque beauty - plump, but

When was the last time you saw Trogg?

When I left the room. He was *trying* to convince me
to stay a little longer. [Nods, businesslike] But I
know Ferengi. He paid for two hours, I *stayed* for
two hours.

[Brings small crossbow out from behind desk] Do you
recognise this? [Hands it to her]

[Frowns vaguely, holds it as if it's an instrument]
It looks *something* like a Riwa harp... If you
string it for me, I could give it a try. [smiles]

[exasperated] It's the murder weapon.

[Drops it] What are you trying to do - get me in
trouble with the guild?

[Instant] Guild?

The Ghishemite Courtesans Guild. We don't *do*

[Sarcastic] I suppose you leave *that* up to the

It *is* their department.

[sounding tired] Thank you for your time...

[Stands, smiles and winks suggestively] If you want
me to - hang around - I could brighten your day.
[Conspiratorially] I always had a
weakness for men in uniforms.

Wrong species.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 31.

[Sighs, shrugs] Oh, well...

[Exits into Promenade, can see her moving towards
Quarks Place. Good-looking uniformed male in area
reacts as if attracted. Proussa slows down]

[Leans back into chair; to himself] Two murders in
one day; and we've searched everywhere for that
missing Bolkor representative except for all of the
delegates' quarters... [Exits to Promenade, snags
Anton from shopfront. To Anton] I hope you don't
have any plans for today. I'm not letting you out of
my sight.

[Pleased] It's no bother at all. I'd be quite happy
to accompany you.

[Cut to Int, guest quarters; Keston Yir enters with
basket of vegetables and a flower. Female Cardassian
(Romath Yir) has been waiting for him. NB- Romath is
dressed sombrely here]

[Hands her the flower] It's done. It will blossom in
due course.

[sighs with relief] At last. [Removes veil/scarf]

[Places basket on nearby table] Shall we walk on the
Promenade? There's no reason not to - now. [Holds
arm out for her]

[Cut to Int, a delegates' quarters. Bajoran delegate
is loudly protesting at Odo, but keeping distance
from Anton, who looks on, amused]

I'm lodging a formal complaint about your procedures
to the highest levels of the government! You have no
reason to *do* this! Bolkor is just as bad as Bess
Harr! I have no *reason* to hide a Bolkor delegate!
[Odo ignores him, looking into body-sized storage
spaces and finding nothing, ensigns in background
examine furniture] I ask you - what could I possibly
*do* with the Bolkor delegate?

[Opens cupboard, body falls out, knife in back]
Well, that's a new one...

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 32.

[Nostalgic] And, I might add, the oldest trick in
the book. The occasional student tries it as a
fraternity stunt. [smiles]

[Recovering from shock] You can't mean to implicate
*me* in this murder?! [Stammers] It isn't even my

[Looking at body] Whoever killed him didn't know how
to correctly use the weapon. [As if giving a B-]

[Crouching by body] Yes... The Aka'Chee cult only
use their knives to slash - or to stab upwards...
this was thrust down. (pause) No wonder it's stuck
in the wound. [Touches comm badge] Odo to Medical.
We've found the Bolkor delegate.

(Comm Voice) [Hopeful] Alive?

[Sour] What do *you* think? [Scans area with

I doubt if you'll find any traces, my dear fellow;
your murderer may have been sloppy, but I doubt they
were *that* negligent.


[Shrugs] Any species, any sex. It - *could* have
been plural.

[Comm bleep]

(Comm Voice) Sisko to Odo.

[Taps badge] Go ahead.

We've found another one, Constable. You'd better get
down here.

[Off Odo's reaction]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 33.

[Cut to Int, corridor. O'Brien is cutting a square
out of the floor with miniaturised version of
circular saw (Can be saw-toothed pizza cutter). At
the centre of it is a patch of 'organic' matter.
Bashir is scanning patch with tricorder. Odo enters
scene, looks down, glares at Sisko. SFX: Low whine
of cutter in use]

[background] You can put the cutter on a higher
speed, Chief, it won't disturb what's left of the
cellular matrix.

[background] It just... doesn't seem respectful,

[To Sisko] The only representative who hasn't
reported in yet is Hissahn...

Where can you trace him to?

He was last seen entering his ship. If that *is*
him, it could prove interesting to find out how he
got out of a sealed, guarded airlock.

[Stands, to Sisko] There should be enough tissue
here to get a positive gene identification. I'm
already sure the victim's Cardassian.

[Nods. Irritated] Then it's Hissahn.

Is there anyone on the station who's likely to do

Aside from the new ensigns? (pause) Out of all the
people on this station, I can only think of four who
*don't* have their reasons for murder.

[Nods, he didn't like Hissahn either] And they are?

They are yourself, Lieutenant Dax, Doctor Bashir and
me. (pause) Hissahn never made friends when enemies
could do.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 34.

[Frowning] Isn't your list a little wrong,
Constable? I heard Hissahn saying - some unpleasant

[Cynical] Commander, if I attempted to *kill* every
Cardassian who insulted me - there wouldn't be very
many of them *left*. [folds arms] And for most of
them, it's a waste of effort.

What about Chief O'Brien? He hardly *knew* Hissahn.

[From floor, flips cutter off. Noise stops] Yeah,
what about me?

Unfortunately; Hissahn, here, was part of the
committee that *designed* this station.

[Considers, shrugs] Wish I'd known *that* when I had
him on the transporter...

[Flips cutter to "full" and cuts at floor. SFX:
Shriek of cutter]

[Over noise] I think I see your point, Constable.

[Int, Quarks; Rom serves two of Massar's men; a
Cardassian in a different uniform (Cardassian
Intelligence) enters, scans bar warily before
approaching the other two]

Cardassian Intelligence:
Allow me to buy you a drink in Gul Massar's

I thought Military Intelligence didn't *like* Gul

Cardassian Intelligence:
Collectively, no. But personally, I thought he was a
man with courage enough to live by his convictions
instead of merely talking. I have information that
could help you; if you'd care to join me at my

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 35.

[All three move to table in background, can see
them, but cannot hear what they are saying. All
three are edgy, on guard. Most visibly on guard are
Massar's men, who alternate 'watches'. Cardassian
Intelligence regularly checks over his shoulders,
leans in to group to impart information that causes
Massar's men to simultaneously sit up and turn to
look at the Dabo table. A Bajoran (Dewarg Nes) seen
leaving the Dabo table, and Quark's; Massar's men
follow, discreetly]

[Int, corridor. Dewarg Nes is aware he's being
followed by one of Massar's men, but does not panic.
Makes way towards intersection, and is blocked off
by the other]

[Challenging] I didn't kill Massar; not that it
would matter to *Cardassians*.

It matters to *these* Cardassians.

[Takes out nasty-looking knife] Convince us you had
nothing to do with it.

[Snorts] If *I* had the chance to kill Massar, I
would have slit his *throat*; or shot him. Besides,
I was loosing at Dabo when he was killed.

But you know something, and you'll talk.

Why should I?

[With knife] Because you've talked to Cardassians
*before*; it would be a shame to see such a bright,
political future (pause) *extinguished*.

[Depressed] Blackmail. I am *not* a collaborator!
All I did was trade a name for my wife, my family;
my village.

That's all we want - a name.

[desperate] I don't *know* anything!

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 36.

Who's the most *likely* suspect? Which one of you
*delegates* had the knowledge to kill our Gul?

[Thinks a while] Taaklez Roj... Wimek Enress... [As
if light dawns] *Reha Set*!

*Him*? The *sweeper*!?

Don't let that fool you; he's a *Sundervisc*. He's
worked in your mines, *and* he's an explosives
expert. I've never trusted that pious front of his;
I wouldn't put it past him to have killed Massar.
[mocking] The Sundervisc and their "cleansing
path"... some chose the broom, but most chose

[Backhands Dewarg] Now keep your mouth *shut*.

[Int, Odo's office. Kira is talking, Anton looks on
in background]

The only question with Hissahn is who would be
*stupid* enough to use a Gi'Tang disruptor? We only
had one use for them in the Resistance - bombs. A
little rewiring and jam them on full...wham! No
target, and a big crater in the ground. No evidence.

[laughs] An original use for an *awful* weapon. A
trifle - spectacular, perhaps; but at least it gets
*rid* of the things.

[Odo is examining a small wire device as seen being
used by mystery person that killed Trogg]

It's entirely possible that Hissahn is responsible
for his own death. (pause) The Gi'Tang disruptors
have a habit of going off in the hands of their

Serves them *right*.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 3 37.

[indicates wire device] These relay loops are new.
Hissahn probably purchased them when he knew he was
coming here... Of course, his real advantage was
that he also designed some interesting tunnels all
*through* this station. My probes are trying to map
them now. [screen on Odo's desk shows station with
overlying network 'growing' on it] Hissahn was

[Looks out of Odo's door] The Promenade's been
closed for *hours*. I'll make sure he [indicates
Anton] gets back to his quarters.

[Absorbed by map and crawling screen of information]

[Can see map of network growing across important
areas as we - Fade Out]

End of ACT 3

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 38.


[Int, Quark's; the bar is opening, as lights are
being turned on, decorations brought out, etc. Quark
opens one security screen facing Odo's office, and
looks out onto Promenade. POV, Can see Odo's office
is brightly lit, Odo works inside]

[turning back to business] Idiot shape-shifter's
been working all night... [shouts] ROM! Take the
"Thank Prime" up to the holosuites.

[Rom gathers tray, jug full of some liquid, glasses,
and turns to stairs. Cut to hall outside holosuites.
Rom enters, goes from 'suite to 'suite]

[taps on first door] Wake-up call! You're time is

[Door opens, hairy male arm is seen holding bag of
coins, drops it. Door closes, SFX: door, can hear
female giggle. Rom gathers bag, bites coin, hides it
on his person, he picks up tray, moves to next

[thumps door, SFX: muffled groan] Wake up! Time to
put your clothes on and get out of there.

[Door opens, MINER exits, is obvious he has a
hangover, takes jug, drinks from it]

[Putting jug down, feeling better] Thank...Prime...

[Exits, with considerably more spring in step. Rom
moves on to next 'suite]

[Knocking on door] Wakey, wakey! Pull your pants on
and come out of there! [Door doesn't open, Rom opens
it, enters slowly] I know you're in here. (pause)
Come out, come out, wherever you are... [Rounds
something, can see hand. Rom drops tray, screams]

[Cut to Int, Odo's office. Odo was working on
something, but has stopped, looks up towards Quarks,
SFX: can hear Rom's scream, and running feet. Odo
opens door, Rom races in]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 39.

[Agitated, panicky, flapping arms] There's been a

[Unimpressed] *Another* one?

In holosuite four! Oh, it's horrible! It's - it's -
[gestures about own shoulder] it's not even a

[Taps comm badge] Odo to Bashir... Holosuite four.
[Gets up, to Rom, as walks off] Now explain to me
*exactly* what happened.

[Cut to Int, Quarks. Security teams are all over,
running sweeps. Bashir supervises removal of float

[To Primmin] It's pointless searching in *here* for
the rest of the body. If it's a Sundervisc killing,
the rest of it will be somewhere on the Promenade.

Bajoran Security:
[Quoting] "And the Heretic shall be scattered to the
four winds..."

[To Bajoran Security, tired] Yes, I know... Take
over. [Exits towards office]

[EXT, Station, indicating passage of time. Cut to
Int, Promenade, some time later. Security has
branched out and are searching some of the shops;
Odo approaches from office, carries PADD]

[To Bajoran Security] Report.

Bajoran Security:
We've found the other arm in a service corridor
behind the shops... We've had some trouble with the

[Nodding] Of course...[Makes notes, looks up to top
of the directory]

Bajoran Security:
[Follows gaze] We've already checked up there, sir.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 40.

[Looks puzzled] How odd... [More notes, turns. To
Templar] Ensign, take this up to Ops. Sisko will
want to know what's going on.

[Takes PADD] Yessir. [makes way towards turbolift]

[Looking up to directory again] This doesn't make
sense... The Sundervisc usually display the heads in
a high place.

(OC) [Surprised yelp]

[Odo turns attention towards turbolift. Cut to Ext,
turbolift; doors are open, Templar reaches across
something to press an interior control]

Computer voice:
Turbolift on pause.

[Backs off, explaining as Odo approaches] I almost
stepped on it - him - I mean... You don't expect to
find a *head* in a turbolift, Sir...

[Crouches to get closer look] Something's not
right... *someone* is trying to blame the Sundervisc
for this killing - and they haven't got it right.

[Comm bleep]

(Comm Voice) Sisko to security; what's going on down

[Taps comm badge] There's been another one,
Commander. Ensign Templar found a head in turbolift
85... It'll remain halted until it's been properly
swept for evidence...

[Cut to Int, Turbolift. Weary Bashir leans on back
rail, O'Brien fiddles with PADD that's linked to
turbolift. Odo stands, listening to Bashir talk with
barely concealed impatience]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 41.

[Tired] I have had less than *three* hours' sleep in
the last Fifty-Two hours... It's amazing that I got
even *that* much...

How much longer is this going to take, Chief?

Sorry 'bout the delay, Constable. Whoever programmed
this probably thought they were being smart; but
thanks to Ensign Templar's presence of mind, we can
trace it back to the origin point; and that's
probably your murder site.

It's a ritualistic killing all right; but the amount
of damage done to the surrounding tissue indicates
some form of serrated blade. The Sundervisc knives
are much smoother - and sharper so goes

Can you identify the weapon yet?

I'm not even sure if it's "a" weapon... one blade
was razor sharp, and the other, *blunt* and -

No-one brings *two* knives for one killing,
Doctor... It sounds a lot like a Cardassian Torture

[yawns] You'd think the killers on this station
would get *some* sleep... [Leans head against back
of turbolift, closes eyes]

[Turbolift jolts, Bashir starts]

[Cheerful] End of the line, here's your dispatch

[Doors open]

[Exits turbolift, looking about] Cargo bay
seventeen? This is practically a public

[Looks around] There's nothing here now but crates -
and rats.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 42.

[The rats are clustering around a couple of crates.
Odo looks at the pack, and as he approaches, they
scuttle off. Odo lifts crate, POV, camera can see
bloodstains on floor]


[Groans] Oh, no... [Removes tricorder from medkit
and staggers over to bloodstain, already scanning]

[Cut to Int, Promenade, Odo approaches Medical; can
see small crowd of Bajorans/priests outside, SFX:
chanting in background. Odo makes way politely
through them, enters Medical. Cut to Int, Medical;
Priests are conducting Deathwatch inside, some have
censors/candles all involved in soft chant. Bashir
has yet to get some sleep]

[To Bashir, caustic] Would you kindly explain this
to me, doctor?

They insist on performing some kind of Bajoran
ritual; I've been hard pressed keeping them *all*
out of Medical...

[To nearest Vedeck] Excuse me, Vedeck; but this
isn't - usual.

We must keep deathwatch, until our brother's remains
are united. We await the fulfilment of the Prophecy.

Enlighten me, Vedeck; *which* Prophecy is - *this*?

[Quoting] "There shall come an innocent one, who
shall be slain, whose words shall speak beyond the
grave, who shall lead the Sundervisc to the right
path, and they shall light the way to peace for all

Does your Prophecy tell you - where to find the rest
of him?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 43.

All it says is that their heart shall lie between
the stars...

[looks thoughtful] Thank you, Vedeck; I think you've
been most helpful. [touches com badge] Odo to Ops,
could you do a quick scan *outside* the station? I
think I know where they've hidden the torso...

[Int, Odo's office; Massars' men are grouped inside.
A trophy sits in plain view on Odo's desk]

Officially you're here to identify this trophy. Is
it Massar's field award?

[Picks it up, inspects welds] Yes... This *is* the

It's been thoroughly analysed - there are only
*Cardassian* genetic traces on it. [Cardassian#3 and
Cardassian#4 exchange looks] It appears as if Gul
Massar was murdered - by a fellow Cardassian...

Give us his name!

We'll take *care* of him, and we don't want you
interfering, *shape-shifter*. Massar was *our* Gul.

You're too late, Hissahn is already dead.

Who killed him?

It appears as if Hissahns' Gi'Tang disruptor -
misfired. (pause) Chief O'Brien had to cut his
remains out of the deck-plates.

[Cardassians smirk evilly]

[Stands, paces; at turns, looks at Cardassians
meaningfully] I'm *sorry* I couldn't have informed
you *earlier* about this; but I was *occupied* in
the *small* matter of yet *another* murder. A very
*untidy* one.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 44.

[Arrogant] What's *one* Bajoran, more or less?

You know we're covered by diplomatic immunity. *If*
we *did* do it.

Yes, you *would* be. (pause) And I doubt if a
Cardassian court could bring itself to lay
charges... but your Gul was murdered by a
*Cardassian*; and *somebody* stupidly decided to
commit murder on *my* station. I don't *like* that;
and I don't think Gul Massar would have liked it
*either*. [All Cardassians have crossed their arms]

What do you expect *us* to do about it?

This murder was committed with a knife that just
*happens* to be Cardassian military *issue*. There's
an old Cardassian saying, "Confession is good for
the soul." Perhaps the guilty parties [looks
meaningfully at them] *whoever* they may be - would
*care* to 'donate' a small memorial. Something about
the size of a library - or a school in Reha Set's
home district. [Smirks]

[Ext, Station, shown for app. 30 seconds. Cut to
Int, docking ring. A Bajoran (Hatok Ki) walks slowly
through corridor, carries box with lid and PADD.
Halts to gently nudge sleeping MINER's feet aside,
and press buttons on PADD. Flashing light shows on
PADD, Hatok places PADD on box lid, lifts lid, PADD
drops. Lights fade. Hatok produces penlight and
heads for nearest airlock with box. Cut to Int,
Airlock; Hatock enters airlock, but does not enter
ship on other side; takes palm-sized devices from
box, attaches to surface of ship. Cut to EXT,
Airlock, Hatok exits airlock, closing both doors on
the way, replaces penlight in box. Lights return,
Hatok reclaims padd, continues walk to crossover
bridge. Once inside crossover bridge, Hatok presses
control on PADD, station rocks, Hatok smiles,
continues on]

[Cut to Int, station cargo bay, the doors are open,
beyond is ship seen previously, the door of which is
no longer there. O'Brien is filling gap between ship
and station with some sprayed foam sealant, covering
area defined by atmosphere shields. Camera sees last
of the foam being placed. Odo, Bashir, Anton and
O'Brien are present]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 45.

[knocks foam. Is solid] Right. You can remove the
tractor beam, Major.

(Comm Voice) Tractor beam off-line. Is everything
still OK?

Yeah, that sealant you commandeered did the trick.
O'Brien out.

[Camera follows Odo, Bashir and Anton as they enter
the ship; most light objects close to entrance or
missing, furniture overturned, etc. Bashir crouches
by body, scanning same. (Note: may not have to show
body, just react)]

Explosive decompression. Instantaneous.

[looking about room] Untidy, but - showing

[Bad mood has increased] At least *this* time the
body's in one piece. (looks down) More or less.

A trifle less explosives, perhaps, and it could have
some merit.

[Glares at Anton] You *approve* of this killing?

I'm always open to new ideas. (Smiles)

[To newly arrived Ensign] You can take the body to
medical, Ensign Dent. I'll complete the autopsy
later. [To self] Preferably after some *sleep*.

[Ext, Station, implying passage of time. Cut to Int,
Odo's office, Kira sits impatiently on chair, turns
to see Odo and Anton enter]

[agitated] Do you know who Tort Lamia *was*? Bashir
sent me the retina scan - that was Gul Tirrel.

The Leech?

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 46.

[Nods] It's almost a pity he wasn't killed on
Bajoran soil, then whoever did it could claim the

I'm sure you could stretch a point, my dear Major;
this station is, technically, Bajoran territory.

[Grumbles, sitting at desk] I suppose I'd better
begin narrowing my list of potential killers down to
a few hundred.

[Door opens, Hatok Ki walks through, still holding

[To Hatok. Tired] Yes?

My name is Hatok Ki. I am responsible for the

[Stands, in awe] You're one of the Fifty.

[Nods, to Odo] You'll find traces of explosives in
the bottom of the box [hands over box] to match the
hull of Tirrel's ship. The padd is a device that
blanks out the comm net in a small area, and shuts
down the station power for a certain amount of time.

[Examines box contents, removes PADD] I'm going to
have to confiscate this.

It served it's purpose. (pause) I claim *justice*,
shape shifter. Gul Tirrel was one of the Cardassians
who ran Bess Harr camp 32. We were a thriving town
when they moved us; when we got out, there were
fifty of us left. Of those, only twenty are able to
take revenge.

[Nods, understanding] You - realise, under the
circumstances, I have to arrest you for using
explosives without a licence. [Kira smiles in

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 47.

[Takes paper from coat, presents to Odo] Here.

Ah. A licence. Well, you're free to go.

[Cut to Ext, Bajoran restaurant, camera sees that
the interior of the restaurant is crowded. A queue
stands outside, patiently waiting. There is a sign
on or near the door reads "Tilmon" in several
languages. It should be clear that it is a delicacy.
Amongst the queue are the six new ensigns, they
stand in a tight group]

I'm almost glad Commander Sisko ordered us to take a
break. It'll give us a chance to relax. I do *not*
want to think about where the next Call will be -
who's the victim... (shudders)

Major Kira recommended this place. I hear the
Tilmon's worth waiting for. Can't we at least try to
talk about something other than work?

Trust me, you don't want to know about my nightmares

[Nods] I'm jumping at shadows, now... I'll be glad
to get back to engineering.

[to Templar] I was in the sonic shower, and I could
have *sworn* someone was in my rooms. It was

[Camera moves from queue to interior of restaurant,
where Bashir sits with a Starfleet negotiator; a
woman older than him. Can see non-military
Cardassian (Cabarem) in background]

[Takes forkful of Tilmon, savours same] Exquisite.
(pause as chews) Tilmon is a dish to savoured.

[Cabarem takes sauce bottle from bag/case, starts
slathering sauce onto plate, can hear slight
"glopping" sound]

I'm glad your Father asked me to look you up,
Julian. This is... [eats forkful] almost wicked.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 48.

[As they begin polite conversation, camera moves to
nearby table, where two mining equipment dealers
(Stad'orf and Wald'lar) are negotiating while they
also eat Tilmon]

You're right, of course. Why should we, two dealers
for *totally* different areas of mining equipment,
be fighting for customers? We should have banded
together years ago.

I told you, Wald'lar, whoever wins this case will
need new equipment. And who, by chance, is standing
by to *help* them buy some? (Grins)

[Excited] Us! (pause) We could make a lot of

More than that; we could make a real *killing*
[thumps table] on this deal.

[Cabarem starts to choke at table. Stad'orf and
Wald'lar watch as Cabarem staggers left, then right,
before falling dead to the floor. Can see dish of
Tilmon at Cabarem's table. Stad'orf and Wald'lar
look to their, identical, plates]

Stad'orf & Wald'lar:
[Together] Cheque please.

[Cut to Ext, Bajoran restaurant. Ensigns are still
in a tight group in the queue. They observe a
medical team pass, with a float pallet; then Odo,
Anton, and two Security people follow, into the

[Nervous, almost shaking] Do - you think
something's... happening?

[Medical team leave restaurant with float pallet, on
it is covered body]

[Watching medical team pass] I think it's already

[Extremely nervous] Let's go to Quarks instead.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 49.

[Cut to Int, Bajoran restaurant. Odo stands
confident behind Anton, as if ready to arrest him.
Bashir is scanning Cabarems' table, searching for
the source of the poison]

[To Odo, as scans] It's Dimephic poisoning, all
right; the only question is what was poisoned...

A class Eight poison, relying on a combination of
two ingredients that, individually, are quite
harmless. In combination, however... [gesture]
anything but. To use a Dimephic poison correctly,
one must *know* ones' victims' tastes. [glares at
Cabarems' plate]

[POV, can see Tilmon covered by Yamok sauce, bright
bottle (Smiling Ferengi Yamok Sauce) is next to

Anton: (cont)
In *this* case, it's guaranteed.

[seizing opportunity, accusing] And who told you
about Delegate Cabarems' tastes?

[Glares coldly at Odo] My *dear* fellow... *really*.
The mans' rank alone qualified him for a class
*five* death... although his - *tastes* may have
lead to - some concessions.

[disbelieving] You *rank* your killings?

[calm] It's the ultimate one-upmanship; the best
death money can buy. Besides, *you*, my dear fellow,
have been accompanying me since morning. I'm simply
no longer *agile* enough for speed poisonings.


It's in the food, all right. One half is in the
Tilmon, and the other half - [picks up bottle from
table as if it's something disgusting] is in the
[reads label] "Smiling Ferengi Yamok Sauce"...

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 4 50.

[Bashir grimaces with Anton]

[Background, Odo investigates bag left by Cabarem]

Bajoran Cook:
[sees bottle] *What* is that abomination doing on
one of my tables?! Smiling Ferengi Yamok Sauce? Even
the *Cardassians* won't touch that **blight**.

[Looking into bag] Apparently, *this* Cardassian had
a whole *case* of - Smiling Ferengi Yamok Sauce.

Bajoran Cook:
[snorts] He *deserved* to die.


[Int, Quarks. Ensigns are huddled at a table, each
nursing a drink. Note: table is close to Morn]

Footsteps. Following me everywhere; and when I turn
around - nothing. [shudders]

I get voices; always whispering *something* - and I
can never understand what they're saying...

Have you ever noticed that the *shadows* in this
place seem to follow you?

*Please*; don't remind me...

[starts coughing - is deep, bronchial 'bark']

[Ensigns freeze, stare at Morn, terrified]

[coughs up something, shows it to Quark and glares]

You *get* fruit in the house special. Just drink it.

[Ensigns sigh and, as one, gulp at their drinks]
[Fade out]
End of ACT 4

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 5 51.


[Int, Odo's office. Odo is sorting reports, looking
tired, frustrated, etc. Yir enters, carrying

I've come to claim the reward on the former "Glin"

Reward? *What* reward? [puts down his own PADD, acts
slightly bored]

Glin Cabarem was responsible for diverting
Cardassian supplies into the hands of Yiridian
smugglers. [hands over PADD] his life is forfeit
under Cardassian law. I claim the execution by right
of Former Injury on the behalf of my wife and

And you want to be paid [scans PADD] Two Hundred
bars of Gold-Pressed Latinum for this killing?

It will all go to the Cardassian War Veterans' fund-
minus a Groat, of course.

[Puzzled] A Groat?

If I don't claim at least part of the reward - it's
common murder, and not an execution.

I see.

[Yir leaves, camera watches him as he joins a
brighter-dressed Romath on Promenade]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 5 52.

(VO) Security log, stardate XXXXX.X ... Out of eight
murders on my station, two of the killers have
confessed. Keston Yir has Cardassian Law on his side-
plus a good deal of "diplomatic immunity"; as he
is technically part of Massar's investigative team.
Hatok Ki is one of the Fifty, and therefore
inviolate under Bajoran law. Of the remaining six
murders, I have my suspects. The body that was
dumped down the core proved to be a Bess Harr
Executive - one who didn't pay his bills. Primarily,
he didn't pay mercenary Captain Jassick, who has, in
my opinion, a *very* thin alibi. Massar, and the
Ferengi were both killed by Hissahn. Unfortunately
for my investigations, Hissahn turned up dead,
probably as a result of his schemes to kill off yet
another delegate. As for Delegate Gatha of the
Bolkor Mining Company; any number of Bajoran
conscripts could be responsible. Even if I succeeded
in tracking down the suspects - it would be a
pointless exercise, as the Bajoran government
wouldn't convict them, and would probably present
them with a medal. As for Reha Set's murderers -
Massar's guard; their diplomatic immunity renders
them untouchable. However, I managed to embarrass
them into increasing the living standard of the
Sundervisc district. Nevertheless, I still continue
to suspect the Assassin. There are far too many
murders occurring to be mere coincidence. He *must*
be involved somewhere, and if he is, I intend to
find out *how*. It has been my experience that
people who know too much, are generally involved up
to their eyeballs, and *that* Assassin is a walking

[Cut to Int, Anton's ship. The room is tastefully
decorated with various weapons and portraits of
former clients, as well as various objet D'art.
Along one wall is a display cabinet, containing
death masks (Note: can be life moulds from Makeup
Department). On a mantle or separate stand is
another mask with a preserved news article and
dagger displayed (For a nasty piece of fun, this
mask can be John "Q" DeLancie's) Overall effect is
similar to drawing room. FX- Odo morphs under door,
and inside; reforms. Odo looks about the room, there
is no sign that Anton is 'in'; he investigates the
room, and comes to the display case]

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 5 53.

[reading caption under mask] "I knew I was getting
quality service"? [moves to next mask (Note: this
one should be female)] "Live fast, die young, go
with *style*"? [More confused, moves to third mask]
"I never would have given my ex-wife the
*satisfaction*"? [Moves away from case, shaking
head] I will never... understand... *humanoids*.

[SFX- airlock; Odo looks up to door, then around -
as if deciding what to be. SFX- off camera morph.
Camera focuses on door as Anton enters. Anton pours
a glass of dark, red wine, sits in luxurious chair]

[To random object in room] You might as well come
out of there, my dear fellow; you look uncomfortable
standing there like that.

[Odo resumes humanoid form]

[Guarded] How do you know?

You're *alive*, my dear fellow. (beat) After Two
Hundred years or so of Assassination, one develops a
sense of what is alive - or isn't. (smiles)

[suspicious] I'm still convinced you have
*something* to do with these murders...

Of course I do.

[Odo becomes instantly alert]

Anton: (cont)
My mere presence is a catalyst for all sorts of -
amateurs to settle old scores, eliminate the
opposition, *etcetera*. [sips wine] But of course,
they all lack a certain air of - finesse. [Quoting]
"If it's a Guild job, it's a quality job."

[gestures at display case] And I suppose *those* are
satisfied customers.

Oh, thoroughly. [pleased] We always believe in
giving our customers the best.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 5 54.

[Notices separate stand, indicates same] Was he one
of your - higher paying customers? Or did he request
a place of honour?

[Looks, admiringly] Ah, Quetzal the Heretic. One of
my *crowning* works. [As if telling story] The high
Priesthood paid me to - disqualify him. He thought
he was a God, claimed he was omnipotent. [As if
joke] He *said* he was im*mor*tal. [jiggles head,
amused] Hm! [Toasts mask] Nothing disproves a God
like six inches of knife into the chest. (pause)
Religion is *so* *good* for business...

You've said *that* before.

Religion and Politics, my dear fellow, is why my
business thrives. That's why I have such *high*
hopes for Bajor.

You're going to have a long wait. Bajorans prefer to
use their own knives. [Realisation dawns] Their
*own* *knives*...

[observing] I do believe you're *on* to something,
my dear fellow. I won't be offended if you have to

[Odo Exits. Anton watches him go, and smiles,
surrounded by the masks of his former customers]

[Cut to Int, Odo's office. POV from Odo's chair,
Sisko stands opposite desk, seething]

I hope you have a good explanation for this,

[Angle changes, camera takes in Odo, calmly sitting
at his desk]

It's very simple; (beat) they're *all* guilty. If
not for the murders themselves, then for planning
some. [Guides Sisko into Cell area] In any event,
it's the perfect venue; they can't see their
neighbours, there's no need to break up fights,
they're *all* perfectly safe; and what's more...
they can't walk out on you.

DEEP SPACE NINE: "The Assassin" Script. 21/5/95 -
ACT 5 55.

[Camera pans across cells, they're full of screaming
delegates, vying to be heard. Sisko shrugs,
leisurely takes a seat, leans back and folds his

[Calm] When you're ready...

[Cut to INT, Docking ring. Anton is being met by
several HIGH PRIESTS and a middle-aged man in
ceremonial robes (HEIR APPARENT). Note: Conversation
is largely in the feel of someone arranging for a

High Priest#1:
Make way for the Light of the Universe, the Dawning
Sun, Flesh of the Living God. Hope of His People,
[Fades into background at this point] Continuance of
the Line of Divinity... [etc. etc.]

[Murmurs] Old windbag... [Steps forward, To Anton,
worried] Have the arrangements been made?

Of course, sire. It's a specialised poison,
relatively quick. We usually save it for ourselves.

I know we can't allow his condition to deteriorate
further. He hardly remembers what day it is... But
he won't - suffer, will he?

No. It will restore his powers, briefly; then, he'll
just - burn out. [Looks at Heir, sympathetically]
He'll go Out in a blaze of Glory, at the height of
his powers. It's how he *wanted* to be remembered.

[Nods, solemn] It was kind of you to come yourself.
There was no *need*... Father would have understood.

But of *course* there was, sire. It's the least I
could do - for a friend.

[Anton Guides the party towards the airlock,
chanting High Priests surrounding them]
[Fade out. Before credits roll, should see across
bottom of screen: "For Vincent Price"]
End of Act 5.


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