Odo/Kira: Stories for Grown-ups

Odo portrait 2
by Edina Donald

Follow the links below to stories that explore the possibilities of a romantic relationship between Odo and Kira, focusing both on how such a relationship might develop and how it might proceed. For many seasons of the show, DS9's writers and producers (as well as René and Nana!) resisted the idea of deepening Odo & Kira's friendship into love. These fics were written by fan writers who did NOT agree that Odo and Kira, together, would turn into Mr. and Mrs. Scrambled Eggs (for an explanation of this reference, go to the Interview with René Auberjonois from August 1996)!

WARNING: these stories contain SEX. If you are under 17, or are uncomfortable with descriptions of warm, loving, sexual encounters, do NOT read these stories!

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